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Remember me when I'm gone nominated for Yarden Award

Thursday September 14, 2006

Today we have received news that the Remember me when I'm gone project has been selected out of 35 contestants to be one of the three nominees for the Yarden Award 2006.

The Yarden Award is a bi-annual award and will be granted for the first time this year. The award has been instigated to support innovative initiatives which have reached a large audience while creating awareness for a topic related to the end of life.

Independently of whether Remember me when I'm gone will win the award, we feel very honoured by the nomination and we are very proud indeed of the recognition this nomination gives to the work of all the volunteers involved in this project.

The Yarden Board of Directors will announce the winner of the Yarden Award on November 14th 2006.

For more information about Yarden or the Yarden Award, please visit their website www.yarden.nl (website is in Dutch only)

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